Serving Washington County Missouri

Board of Directors

The Washington County Ambulance District is a political subdivision as authorized by the State of Missouri.  We are governed by a six (6) member Board of Directors.  Each Director represents one of the following sub-districts within Washington County, Missouri:

  • District #1: Consists of Kingston and Union Townships
  • District #2: Consists of Richwoods, Johnson and Liberty Townships
  • District #3: Consists of Walton, Harmony and Belgrade Townships
  • District #4: Consists of Potosi, Ward I and Ward II Townships
  • District #5: Consists of the remainder of Breton Township
  • District #6: Consists of Belvue and Concord Townships

Each Director serves a three (3) year term, meaning every year two (2) board seats are open for election.

The current Washington County Ambulance District Board of Directors are:

John Lucas, Chairman – Caledonia

Mick Schlosser – Potosi

John Robinson, Secretary – Caledonia

Delbert Cardwell , Treasurer – Richwoods

Teresa C. Richards – Potosi

Becky Johnston – Blackwell