Serving Washington County Missouri


We at Washington County Ambulance District pride ourselves in being on the cutting edge of pre-hospital clinical care.  Paramedics and EMT’s have previously been thought of as “technicians.”  However, in the changing world of healthcare, we are proud to refer to our providers as “clinicians” who just happens to provide care to the sick and injured in the back of an ambulance instead of a hospital.

The clinicians of Washington County Ambulance District maintain competency in advanced care and practices such as Rapid Sequence Intubation for patients requiring airway management and multi-lead EKG interpretation for the identification of a heart attack.  Our clinicians are skilled in the administration of countless medications and performance of many life-saving procedures. We are proud to boast the use of both Invasive and Non-Invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation via the ReVel mechanical ventilator for patients requiring breathing support. The level of care provided to patients by Washington County Ambulance District clinicians was previously reserved for the in-hospital setting only. We are beyond proud to offer this level of care inside our patient’s homes and on the side of the roadway.  

In addition to the standard Advanced Life Support services, we also provide Critical Care Transport services for patients requiring advanced skills and knowledge that is outside of the standard Paramedic scope of care.  This is a critical service for the community we serve, as many critically ill patients require hospitalization in the St. Louis metro area.  Our Critical Care Transport Paramedics ensure patients receive the care they require and deserve while being transported to St. Louis area facilities.

The Washington County Ambulance District leadership team consists of the Administrator, Director of Clinical Services, Operations Manager, Office Manager and three Operations Supervisors.  Our clinical field staff consists of approximately 45 EMT’s and Paramedics.  The grand majority of YOUR Paramedics are designated as Critical Care Transport Paramedics and hold nationally recognized, board certifications in Critical Care Transport (CCP-C and/or FP-C).

Washington County Ambulance District also provides clinical oversight to first responder agencies in the county so that they may function as Emergency Medical Response Agencies under our medical direction.  We also provide clinical oversight and operational assistance to public access defibrillation sites throughout the district.

Outside of our standard ambulance and clinical services, we are proud to be involved in our community through outreach efforts and public education.  Our education team ensures our clinicians, clinicians in the community and the general public have access to many training and clinical certification opportunities.