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At Washington County Ambulance District, we are proud to be leaders in modern mobile healthcare service. We strive to implement cutting edge technology and procedures into our everyday practice, re-defining what it means to be a prehospital care provider.


Historically, ambulance personnel were thought of as “technicians”. Now, we refer to our providers as “EMS clinicians”, who just happen to work in the back of an ambulance rather than in a hospital.

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On any given day in Washington County, we staff 5 Advanced Life Support ambulances across 3 different response locations.  We also provide Critical Care Transport services (CCT) for patients that require interventions, skills, and monitoring outside of the standard Paramedic scope of care. Patients in need of CCT services are often critically ill and require hospitalization in intensive care units in the St. Louis Metro area. Our experienced team of EMS clinicians provides the care our patients both require and deserve, as they are safely transported from Washington County to a distant urban Intensive Care Unit.

We at Washington County Ambulance District make every effort to be an integral part of our community. Our outreach and education teams ensure that the public has access to CPR and first aid training, while also placing AEDs in critical high traffic locations. We also provide clinical oversight and training to local fire departments and first responders, enabling them to function as Emergency Medical Response Agencies. Our team focused approach encourages our partners both in the community and in public service to work cohesively with our EMS crews, so that we may ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients.

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