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What's new at WCAD

Please read the stories below to keep up with new and exciting developments at WCAD!


MIH in the News

The Mobile Integrated Healthcare system, or MIH, was recently featured in the St. Louis Post Dispatch. Read the article below to see how MIH is evolving in Missouri, and how WCAD is helping to pioneer the program!

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AHA Gold Plus Award

The Gold Plus award is reserved for EMS agencies that have consistently demonstrated exemplary cardiac care and resuscitation. For more information on our services, please visit our 911 services page.


Missouri Bill Signing

Chief Justin Duncan (CEO of WCAD and President of MEMSA), along with several EMS representatives, met with Governor Parsons as he signed SB 655: The Lagers Bill and SB 725: The GEMT Fix.  


 The first Bill, SB 725, streamlines the reimbursement process for Missouri ambulance districts. The second Bill, SB655,enables LAGERS pension payments to begin at age 55 for EMS, dispatchers, and corrections officers. LAGERS pension payments were already available to police officers and firefighters beginning at age 55, but we are excited to see that same benefit now available for prehospital providers as well!

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