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Continuing Education

Education does not end after the school bell rings nor when the graduate holds his or her certification in hand. Education in medicine is a life-long journey, and the most successful EMS Clinicians are perpetual students.

“This is how we’ve always done it” is a phrase that may as well be a dirty word at WCAD. In just the last 2 years, we have introduced new life-saving skills and procedures, including umbilical vein cannulation in the newborn infant, chest tube placement in trauma victims, ultrasound diagnostics, and of course aggressive COVID-19 treatment.


EMS Clinicians employed at Washington County Ambulance District live and breathe education. We have embraced a culture that loves to learn and loves to practice. Our employees regularly go above and beyond the administrative training requirements, and they excel at their annual skills checkoffs.


We strive to best prepare our clinicians for success and help them maintain proficiency in the latest and best practices. If you are considering a career at Washington County Ambulance District, you can be confident that WCAD will fully support your education efforts.

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