Washington County Ambulance District

Fundamentals of Critical Care

Summer Course

june 2022-October 2022

when: Thursdays beginning June 9th, 0900-1530

Location: Missouri Baptist University - Moscow Mills Campus

prerequisites: Active paramedic or nursing license

topics of study: 


  • Airway Management and Advanced Mechanical Ventilation

  • NPPV and Other Non-Invasive Strategies

  • ABG Interpretation/Lab Values

  • Field Thoracostomy/Blood Products

  • Advanced Imaging

  • POCUS Guided Resuscitation 

  • Cardio-Hemodynamics with Advanced Pharmacology

  • Advanced Case STudies

  • IABP/Invasive Lines

  • The Neuro-Critical Patient

  • Neonatal/HIROB Critical Care Transport

  • Advanced ECG Interpretation/Management of Acute Ill Cardiac Patients

For further information, or to register, please contact:

Darick Day BS, EMT-P, CCP-C, FP-C

Deputy Chief

Washington County Ambulance District

dday@wcadems.org | 573-438-3635