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We are proud to boast modern, proven technology so that our students graduate feeling confident in their skills. High-fidelity mannequins simulate real-life patients and can speak, breathe, and even scream! Our students practice with state of the art ventilators, pumps, and medications so that they can graduate ready to join the workforce.

Deciding which EMT or Paramedic program to enroll in is a difficult choice and a big commitment, taking nearly 2 years to complete both programs. However, when it comes time to challenge the national board certification exam, you can be confident that the WCAD program will prepare you for success. We teach to a high standard that far surpasses minimum competency, and we boast a greater than 90% first try pass rate on national board certifications. We expect a lot from our students, but we love to see them succeed.


EMS today looks dramatically different than it did even just 10 years ago. With modern technology and research, best practices evolve on a nearly daily basis. We believe education is fundamental to the success of our EMS Clinicians, so Washington County Ambulance District is proud to partner with Mineral Area College to offer initial EMT and Paramedic education.  Through this collaborative effort, WCAD provides a Program Director, Paramedic Educator, EMT Educator and Clinical/Lab Coordinator.  MAC provides the college structure, equipment and support necessary for the program to function.  It is a fantastic joint venture that exceeds the needs of our students!

Our educators love to learn and they are passionate about medicine. We hope to instill the same love for learning in our students so that they too will stay current with new research and new ideas. We know that education means so much more than just reading a textbook. Education is an ongoing discussion, where the instructors will challenge the students to think critically about the bigger picture and to be a true diagnostician.

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THE MAC/WCAD EMS Education goals are to ensure our students:

  • Complete their respective program

  • Graduate from their respective program

  • Obtain National EMS Certification (NREMT-B or NREMT-P)

  • Obtain State EMS Licensure (EMT-B or EMT-P)

  • Be job ready and find gainful employment

For more information, please use the following links.

For the EMT Program:

For the Paramedic Program:

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